Mark Norman mix mei 2006 @


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May 1, 2006
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Mark Norman @ he started his 80day tour just recently...

His set coming in a few hours... check events calendar for more info..
Mark Norman is nice, Glad to see he is taking time to give us a set
This is awesome man. We are going to get very popular with big DJs/producers knowing about the radio and actually contributing their very own mixes for it. :)

About the mix - I'm enjoying it man. As usual, Mark Norman always do good sets (Yes, Mark Norman are two DJs, in case you didn't know. :p)

Doh, I wish I caught this set.... Dan says that it was a great set!
You guys can actually click on the event and click on remind me.. you can specify how many hours before the set to be notified by email or reminded.

but ya sick set!!
Man... that was one sick SET! It made the hair on my arms stand, and sent shivers down my spin during some tracks! Simply amazing!