Matt Bukovski - Fresh Air out now!


Apr 6, 2010
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Matt Bukovski is a classically trained Polish producer and composer who started composing music since he was eight. He wrote his first works for piano but soon started experimenting with other instruments, especially organ and strings and symphonic orchestration. He composed lots of orchestral pieces that were awarded in many international and Polish composer competitions.

When he discovered trance and other electronic genres, he got addicted and started producing his own tracks. His tunes are mainly uplifting and melodic and usually inspired with classical compositions. His aim is to blend the best characteristics of both classical and trance music to create quality, timeless tracks. Now, at just 18 years of age, Matt strikes into the scene with fresh talent and melodic vision, delivering a beautiful debut track 'Fresh Air' to be released on Echelon's White imprint.

The original mix is full of rich trance sound. The break comes early but acts more as a long uplifting crescendo, building up from the tranquil introduction of the main melody by the violins to a soaring melodic kick-off with smashing drum rolls. The melody lines and harmonies, together with the sheer beauty of selected timbre, set this track flying high. The delicate chopinesque piano is like a tribute to the maestro from the young polish producer and lights a pearly sparkle in this bright track. Remixers Cloudriver, Manida, and Type 41 have all been featured on the label before and do a great job with their respective remixes, each adding their own style and feeling to this fine uplifting release.


Track list:

1. Fresh Air (Original Mix)
2. Fresh Air (Cloudriver Remix)
3. Fresh Air (Manida Remix)
4. Fresh Air (Type 41 Remix)

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