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Matt Lange - East Coast / Resonate (incl. Ad Brown Remix) [SILKRL010]

Silk Royal

Aug 26, 2009
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http://bit.ly/995JdY (Official Beatport Page)

Drawing upon influences as wide-ranging as minimal, tech, progressive, and trance, American artist Matt Lange (Armada, Anjunadeeep, Toolroom) has been hailed as one of the great new visionaries in electronic music. "East Coast" (Original Mix) begins with his signature assortment of dynamic, wide-stereo minimal percussion, punctuated by NYC-sewer-dirty tech effects. Yet, just as the track seems to be drifting into even darker territory, a classic progressive breakdown ensues, highlighted by an anthemic new lead and an evocative vocal sample. In his remix, veteran British producer Ad Brown (Anjunadeep, Black Hole) draws inspiration from this vocal sample, as well as other, more melodic elements from the original. The result is another characteristically textured and emotionally rich progressive landscape. Matt's second original, "Resonate," is also not to be overlooked: a more aggressive rhythm and bassline slowly crescendo in the first half of the tune and eventually peak in the main break, while lush arpeggios hypnotically swirl above.


Cat#: SILKRL010
Release Date: 23 March 2010
Genre: Progressive House
Format: Digital

01 East Coast (Original Mix)
02 East Coast (Ad Brown Remix)
03 Resonate (Original Mix)

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Support: Jaytech (Anjunadeep), Flash Brothers (Armada), Shawn Mitiska (Armada), DJ Eco (Armada, Lange, Tone Diary), Santerna (Armada, Ava), Chris Reece (Unreleased Digital), Darin Epsilon (Perfecto), Zack Roth (Cloudbreak, Core NYC), Soarsweep (AVA), David Akermanis (Silk Royal), Luke Shipstad (Armada), James Warren (Polytechnic), Nick Stoynoff (Silk Textures), Evren Ulusoy (Particles), Chris Luzz (Silk Digital, Acute), Kev Atkinson (AVA), Richard Earnshaw (DuffNote), Juska Wendland (Finnish National Radio), Embliss (Armada), Johan Nilsson (DI.FM), Gorm Sorensen (Vandit, Silk Sofa), Suzy Solar (Open Bar), DJ Slang (PROGrance, Spring Tube)