Mayday Poland 2006-Worldclub_Short Photorelation!!!


Jun 8, 2006
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It is the year 2106 - world peace at long last. Humankind is holding hands and the clubs of the world unite. Previously hostile nations, states and religious communities are coming together while diametrically opposed styles and beats are mingling on the dance floor.

World Goverment officially proclaims November 10, 2106, World Club Day. The biggest sound system in human history is installed on the Eurasian tectonic plate. Its sonar energy is derived from geothermic power and nuclear fusion, seeing that the remaining fossil energy reserves have been allocated exclusively to vinyl production by decree of World Goverment.

The Alps and the Andean Range, the Rocky Mountains and the Tibetan highlands serve as bass reflectors. All public squares, streets, deserts, valleys, and plateaus are transformed into dance floors, rave areas, chill out lounges and the like. The orbit around the planet is equipped with gigant sun sails which illuminate the planet in flickering lights and yet unseen colours. Billions of hands reach out in ecstasy as the moon over Europe turns into a huge projection screen and illumiantes the horizon as the biggest disco globe in history.

And then, at 6 PM sharp, Central European Time, the continents start trembling, shaken by the biggest beat of all times. Across the world shrieks of excitement can be heard as the moon finally sports the Mayday logo.

In spherical movement the sound waves expand across the universe. With a three-day delay the colony on Mars files a complaint about excessive noise.

sounds like a nice party. try to promote somehow :)