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Mirabilis records

Aug 23, 2009
Reaction score


Mirabilis Records is pleased to bring you the new Alex & Filip single - Deconstructed !!!
The boys have done a rather groovy mixture of fresh techy beats, some proggy elements & a hooky, almost old school chord riff that instantly sticks in your mind & keeps playing on & on! A track that will move any dance floor for sure!
The first remix comes by courtesy of Ran Shani - a man who certainly needs no introduction.
Ran delivers a proper old school groove, a groovy bass line, a clever use of the chord riff and adds a hooky vocal sample that makes this remix even tastier!
To round up the pack, there's the Inkfish remix which is all about the thumping groove, the main chord line with the addition of some blips and the big build up in the main break that actually blows up the crowd!
All the three mixes were heavy supported from world's top jocks like Joh Digweed, Miss Nine, Nick Warren, Erick Morillo, Anil Chawla, Eddy Good, Dave Seaman, M.O.D.E., Presslaboys, Greame Park, Jim Shaft Ryan, Eelke Kleijn, Tim Andresen to name but a few!

This by no means another essential release for your cd wallet or mp3 folder so take some time & check it out!

JOHN DIGWEED: Good stuff! (Inkfish Remix)
DAVE SEAMAN: Inkfish mix is cool. 4/5
NICK WARREN: Cool release, Ran uses that well known riff well! 5/5
EELKE KLEIJN: Original for me. like that hypnotic drive that just keeps on going. 4/5
M.O.D.E.: Original is the pick for me!
PRESSLABOYS: Old 90's concept... Ran's mix is fantastic!!!! 4/5
MISS NINE: Good stuff.... 5/5
JIM SHAFT RYAN: Ran Sahni mix: nice !! 5/5
CID INC: Original and Inkfish remix for me. Good stuff! 4/5
DAVE LAMBERT: Original - really like this will support!! 5/5
THOMAS PENTON: Orig. Mix works best for me, but Inkfish mix also rocks. But the Orig. is a great deep chugged out groove.
ANIL CHAWLA: Ran Shani mix is big... Very nice. 5/5
CHRIS CARGO: this is a stonking release with ran shani remix the best one 4/5
EDDY GOOD: Original mix: love the groove here, driving and still keeping flow in it! 4/5
DIBBY DOUGHERTY: Inkfish mix is ace! propper club material, full support! 5/5
PETER GELDERBLOM: inkfish remix is the one for me
TOM MORGAN: Digging Ran Shani's remix, quality old school flavour. 4/5
GREAME PARK: Ran Shani mix rocks! 4/5
SEBASTIAN DAVIDSON: Ran Shani's old skool chords are so tasty!! 4/5
GEORGE DELKOS: original for me 4/5
FEDERICO EPIS: Thanks! 3/5
FLASH BROTHERS: Inkfish Remix is good progressive mix. 4/5
MARCO G: Ran Shani Remix for me ! great package 4/5
LIZ CIRELLI: Loving the Inkfish remix. The original is also awesome!!v :) 4/5
CHRIS MIMO: Another top set of mixs! Full support from me! 4/5
DIBBY DOUGHERTY: Inkfish mix is ace! propper club material, full support! 4/5
NICK HOOK: Good stuff - I like all the mixes. 4/5
JOY KITIKONTI: Play it! 4/5
LOGIZTIK SOUNDS: nice ep! original is killer! and also like inkfish remix! 4/5
ROWAN BLADES: ran shani mix is decent. might use that in longer sets.
MARTIN THOMPSON (Noir Music): A little to proggy for me. But stand out track for me is Ran Shani's remix. Old School rave styleee!!!
JAY KAUFMAN: I really dig the Ran Shani remix. This reminds me of 1992 and wearing some really bad fashion! Inkfish's remix is good aswell. 4/5
AGA HELLER (suprton, Bacardi Radio Live): Nice one! Like the deep feelin in it. 4/5
ALDRIN: Ran Shani remix works for me. 4/5
HISHAM ZAHRAN (Dyami, Proton): original and inkfish remixes would work really well. 4/5
DARIN EPSILON: Mirabilis has done it again! Another huge package with quality remixes. I like all mixes for different reasons, but the Inkfish remix is the one most likely to get plays in my sets. Will have the whole thing for November chart consideration. 4/5
HANS TAVERA (Afterhours Radio Show): Loved Inkfish remix! Powa!! 4/5
TED NILSSON: Great track! 4/5 (Inkfish remix)
LOJACK: lovin the orginal. cheers guys 4/5
STEVE HAINES: Loving the original mix! 4/5
SERGIO MATTINA (M2O): Old School vibes & atmospheres for this song... really groovy... I like, play & support it...4/5
HERNAN RODRIGUEZ: really like this ! Original = good solid floor action ! 4/5
PENA (Flow Vynill): ran shani is my fav...supa old school....original is also nice...good break build up.
AUTOPHASE: Full support from us. All 3 mixes are class but the original does it for us. 4/5
BOGDAN TARAN: cool progressive production 4/5
NO BRAINER: Ran Shani mix is nice guys, but still probably a bit to progressive for me to play.
TIM RICHARDS: solid package here ran shani remix is my pick
ALEKSIJ: NIce Ran Shani rmx!Will play out! 4/5

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