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Aug 23, 2009
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Mirabilisrecords - MIRABILIS 012: MINIMINDS - BROKEN REED - SoundCloud

Mirabilisrecords - MIRABILIS 012: MINIMINDS - BROKEN REED - SoundCloud

Summer is just around the corner and Mirabilis is back with stomping techno track from irish techno dons -

The original is all about the heavy tribalish beats and the heavy low end bassline and the little sax line which

takes this track out of the dark and makes every crowd go crazy!
This is just perfect for the dark and sweaty rooms as well as the festivals!
The Italian duo Cardo & Elia take this into deeper territories with a nice bouncy tech house groove and a deeper

bassline. Their remix is all about building up the groove half way thru the track until the breakdown where a tiny

snippet of the sax comes in and then: all back in with a stunning effect!
Deffinattely a release for all techno and tech house fans!


Spektre: Original is rocking for us...peak time beast. Loving the sax line! Full Spektre support! 4/5

Dubfire: thanks :) 5/5

Phil Kieran: great ! thanks very much original for me

Oliver Moldan: Cardo & Elia Remix is my pick

Anderson Noise: VERY GOOD 5/5

Dimitri Nakov (Bedrock): Carlo & Elia rmx is ace ! 4/5

Francis Preve: Fun track! Love the sax rise. Will try Original mix in my June sets. Should rock. 4/5

Mark Knight c/oWesley S: COOL STUFF!!!!

Anil Chawla: Remix is nice. 4/5

DJ Tarkan: Both mixes are great!! 5/5

Loco & Jam: Broken Reed original is the one for us... The Sax makes this a summer hit for sure.. Full support... 4/5

Jesse Voorn: Original mix is nice 3/5

Peter Gelderblom: The original is it for me

Axwell: will check them out

Richie Hartness: Dig that sax! Drives me crazy! 4/5

Flash Brothers: Original is good techno tune! Like it & will test it out :) 4/5

Aldrin: Feeliing the deep driving groove of Cardo & Elia's remix 3/5

Roog / Hardsoul: Sounds nice! 4/5

Louis Osbourne: Original is cool, I played it a few times months ago when the lads sent it to me..... Remix doesn't

do much tho! 4/5

Dibby Dougherty: Bit too heavy for my sets but the remix has a cool vibe, up the irish mafia!

Ignas: Not a fan of trumpets and stuff. The remix is cool. Perfect for beach sets! :) 4/5

Andy Newland: Original is cool, will be playing this weekend 4/5

Holosound: Cardo and Elia bring this track to life... 3/5

Adam Roberts: Broken reed (Cardo & Ella remix) oozes Sexy! Straight into my sets. 4/5

Stefan Bauer: Original mix is solid! Quite different from the latest releases :) 3/5

Emilio Vega: Totally amazing, Best Mirabilis release in my opinion!!!!!! 5/5

Dj Aleksij: Very nice Cardo and Elia mix! Love it! 4/5

Daniel Mehes: Original mix is a cool track! I like as the sounds and elements are changing in the track! Aolid music

:) 3/5

Sergio Matina: Original mix is my prefered version... groovy work... play & support it!!! 4/5

Sasha Le Monnier ( C.O.U. Muzik / Source Of Gravity ): Thanks for sending over the promo! Nice deep groove on the

Cardo & Elia, great warm up sounds! Love the building pitched up Sax sound after the break in the Original

version...cool. 4/5

Dumb Dan: cool stuff

David Lam: Beautiful!

Lady Duracell: very nice! 5/5

Matt Black: Hi lads Not really for me this time, Cardo and Ella remix has a nice groove though 2/5

Chris MiMo: Cardo and Elia remix defo for me! 4/5

George Delkos: original for me:) 3/5

Logiztik Sounds: original for me 4/5

Hans Tavera: Cardo & Elia for me :) will play it! 4/5

Amin Golestan: Nice EP 5/5

Pena: Good stuff... Will give it a play! 4/5

Autophase: Original for us. Thanks 4/5

Steve Parry: original sounds good 3/5

Steve Haines: Another quality release from Mirabilis, Love the original mix, full support 4/5

Jay Cox: Good Ep but not really my thing at the mo 3/5

Manchini: Original mix peaktime stormer. Cardo & Elia remix i like as well, will play it on my radio mix. Thanks 4/5

Uncle Roll: Original works for me;) Nice breakdown and good groove. Thanks ! 4/5



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