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Morphile - White Snakes EP [Mondo Records]


Feb 14, 2011
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After making an essential Mondo Records debut in 2015 with his track 'Blind Rosanna' as part of our Future Heroes EP, Morphile is back and delivers his first EP in the form of two slamming club cuts.

First up is 'White Snakes' which packs a punch with its killer groove, infectious melodies and quirky chopped vocals. We love the breakdown where the chords just ring out and begin to build the momentum ready for the drop. Perfect!

On the flip, 'Everest' is a lush trancer thanks to that carefully crafted melody and slick bassline. Sprinkled with that Morphile finesse and subtle signature elements, Morphile drops an absolute belter here which the trance family will love.

1. White Snakes

2. Everest

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