My tour at The Great Wall of China


Feb 25, 2010
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My tour at The Great Wall of China
My China trip in Beijing, the capital city of China, is unforgettable. It’s an amazing and impressive experience for me to visit the famous Great Wall there. The late autumn of Beijing is a little cold and wind blowing; looking along the stretches of mountains, a feeling of tracing back to the ancient is emerging without rhyme or reason.

The construction of The Great Wall in China's history has never been stopped. In which there are three times large-scale construction, after Qin Shi Huang unified China for the first time, facing the north powerful Huns, he temporarily unable to send troops. It is only through the construction of The Great Wall to defense the threat from the north to eliminate trouble on the frontier. He connected the north Yan, Zhao, Wei and his own side walls together to form the true meaning of The Great Wall in China's history,. In the Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu of Western Han expanded his borders and lands, opened the Silk Road, so, longer then The Great Wall in China's territory. The Great Wall as we see today was mostly built during the Ming Dynasty.

"Badaling" is one of the most valuable sections of The Great Wall, which not only preserved the shape of The Great Wall completely, such as the wall, watch tower, beacon tower, and city gate, etc. but also presented the complexity of its manufacturing processes, whose difficulty of construction is remarkable to us modern people.
Going up stairs: slope is slow, the staircase is long, which is felt even the wall is the lowest. Since it is late autumn, visitors are less, and I feel very good! The inside walls are really like the beautiful woman in general; lateral embrasures are also like men in general fortitude; both sides of the mountain are like a person’s arms, hold you in the middle.
In this way, unknowingly already reached "the fourth floor of the north". At this time, lots of people immediately appeared. Why there are so many people here?
It turned out that "the fourth floor of the north" is the starting point of the pulleys at "Badaling", and visitors can take the pulley up and down here to reduce the distance and save strength. So many people walked along the wall, crowded to a bustling sideway which only allows two persons passing through rubbing elbows with each other.

Boarded the watch tower, looked far to the north, and still needed climb over several watch towers to reach the peak - "the eighth floor of the north", also known as the "hero slope". Look down from the embrasure, the crowds are crowded; look upward, the path was suddenly pulled up by the sky, slope became steeper, the stairs are narrower, and walls are also a number of increasingly heavy. There is a popular proverb in China that "He who has never been to The Great Wall is not a true man". I determined to be a true man, so went through the heavy crowd, I was moving forward to the peak.

I reached, standing on "the eighth floor of the north", looked downward with the wind. A kind of lofty sentiment arose spontaneously. Maybe that is the power of this great nation.
A tired but meaningful happy journey, it’s wise for me to sync some BD movies to my iPod via Blu-ray ripper and iTunes before my China tour, and after going back to the hotel and taking a shower, I’m able to enjoy my beloved movie clips to relax myself.
Through the trip in "Badaling" Great Wall, I have a new understanding of the culture of China, and also roughly know why the Chinese people take The Great Wall as a symbol of Chinese civilization, and why they say it is standing still there to record the hardship and bitterness that Chinese people have endured in the past 2,000 years. I believe it is a worthy journey and I’d like to travel to China once more to study its rich culture and appreciate its beautiful unique natural landscapes. Another China tour is looked forward to at my heart.