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N.R.G. Cell - Art Of Dreaming - Polena Records


Feb 19, 2010
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PLN053 N.R.G. Cell - Art Of Dreaming - Polena Records

Cat N. PLN053
Date Release: 2010.06.30
Format : wave, mp3
Distribution : Digital Shops
Artist: N.R.G. Cell
Album: Art Of Dreaming
Country: Hungary
Genres: Progressive Goa Trance

Track Name:

1 N.R.G. Cell - Awaking Planet 8:16
2 N.R.G. Cell - As We Like It (Feat Radzsa) 8:26
3 N.R.G. Cell - Smoking Paper (Feat K.Thy) 8:15
4 N.R.G. Cell - Move Me 7:38
5 N.R.G. Cell - Acid Rain 8:01
6 Hi Profile - Wild Rose (N.R.G. Cell Rmx) 8:07
7 N.R.G. Cell - Only The Music (Feat K.Thy) 9:29
8 N.R.G. Cell - Mescalito 8:36
9 N.R.G. Cell - Art Of Dreaming 7:14

Album description:

The first EP of N.R.G. Cell debuted in 2010 April and now the Polena Records introduce his album "Art of dreaming".This release includes 9 powerful progressive-trance tracks spiced with morning melodies, house, electro and minimalsounds. The goal of the artist to break the walls between the styles and to show the colourful world thru his music.Enjoy the energy of Global Electronic music and continue the "Trip to fantasy" with the "Art of dreaming"...

Enjoy to listen...!!!


Artist Bio:

N.R.G Cell is a progressive project of László Lukács aka Psylody. He makes music long time ago in different styles from the rock to electronic music. Psylody and his friend Tom founded the Y-East live act in 2007 and they made and released a lot of psychedelic fullon tracks. The N.R.G Cell project is a combination of several electronic music like progressive, trance, house, techno and upgraded with minimal-techno and psychedelic sounds. If you like the pumping and melodic electronic music with powerfull kick and bassline you should listen to his work!

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Digital Shops:

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