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NatLife feat. Elsa Hill - Water Whispers(all mixes)[FREE DOWNLOAD]


Apr 29, 2008
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hi everyone:)

wanna share some of my newest stuff with ya, it's a single with a US singer ELsa Hill, was produced a two years, 4 different tracks

1. original - NatLife feat. Elsa Hill - Water Whispers(original) – NatLife

2. club mix - NatLife feat. Elsa Hill - Water Whispers(club mix) – NatLife

3. hard dub - NatLife feat. ELsa HIll - Water Whispers(hard dub) – NatLife

4. trance mix - NatLife feat. Elsa Hill - Water Whispers(trance mix) – NatLife

if u will play it, plz DONT PROMOTE THE LABEL! Just post the full name ;)

anyway if u interested why i sharing this, u can read my blog here - "Water Whispers" cant be released finally :( - NatLife's MySpace Blog |
Wohoo, thanks Nat! :)
here is the process how to download the track from this site -
wow that sucks. 2nd time isnt it? poor Elsa, never liked her vocals:ee:
wooow thanks mate, i'm waiting for this sooo long ; O
i like especially Hard Dub :)