Need help picking next level DJ equipment

Kaan Atesoglu

Jul 21, 2012
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A year or two ago I purchased a M-Audio Torq controller, it came with Xponent DJing software which was, good. Not great, just good. But its coming to a time when Im getting better at DJing and could really do with some solid, next level equipment. And the headphone preview doesnt work any more so it makes it hard to mix.... really hard.

Im no longer a beginner, I have mixed for parties, schools, and even have my own radio show. I mix mostly trance (duh), but will be mixing everything.

Can someone help recommend my next level equipment? Should I get a controller? or move into something PC free? I will spend around 1000 USD. I would something prefer Serato DJ or even Itch, but can someone give me more advice?

Some things I looked at to buy:
Numark NS6
Pioneer DDJ-SX
Allen & Heath Xone:DX
Native Instrument S4
Stanton SCS 4DJ (PC free)
in my opinion those are enough for a good dj!... x1, f1 and audio 6 from native instruments(with traktor pro 2 included) and one good mixer from a&h or pioneer... that's all! don't have to trow your money on all kind of expensive deluxe shit equipment!...those are pro equipment and only a few will know what to do with them!
good luck!
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