Nenes - Replay Turbulence 021 11 Nov 06

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Nov 10, 2006
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Nenes - Replay Turbulence 023 11 Nov 06

Using this web page as there is no original page - great intro track

excellent sound - dont expect any track names if you

are reading this post - just like to tell the artist what I

think of his hard work - yes I know it is hard work and

a little word works wonders normally.

I know I should know the title of this, its maybe a classic -

great anyway.

so what happens if I send this - I wonder???
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Yes we get a page and I can now wander about this great site

picking up info as I go. and then back after the track is finished.

Hope I'm not breaking any rules - if so please inform me. Thanks

the great intro track is still playing and it is very good.

Obviously great mixing well he is a professional isn't he?

2nd track - 'sad' female vocal with a great beat - I mean the music

has a great beat - and it does. Excellent sound so very clear.
3rd Track - Very adventurous track 'Tiesto' (Maxi Jazz) 'Dance for life'

maybe - which you either like of whatever,

first time I heard it I thought it was dreadful, but you play

it a few times and rack up the volume its nearly awesome.


4th track - a great classic IMO - I hate you I love you etc - behind

all the repetitive vocals is a great strong beat from the big drum

keeps you listening closely - then the drum becomes a bit quieter

and the other track is brought to the front and really involved

track that improves with playing just ignore 'him' well I do - I

enjoy it more that way.

5th track - SVD remix - brilliant and what a sound the beat

is excellent as well - when he finishes his intro vocal the sound

is awesome ( especially full blast)

awesome set so far -

called away.
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6th Track - excellent track with both excellent sound and beat.

7th Track - female vocal - not bad at least there is a good beat

the piano notes are very effective.

8th track - a chugging train type track and it goes on and on -

it grows on you like ivy(used to do).
d/l stopped for about 2 mins - and now its back and

off we go - its a different beat so maybe we have changed

to another track.

So no numbers even though it can only be 1 number to add


8th Track? -I feel love( not the boring original) an up to date remixed Trance

version great stuff and just enough vocal - yes like this version.

9th track? - nice sounding track if we are still with Nenes when you are

posting you never know when the prog has changed over and you

feel a right clown when you are posting to a different set. So thats

why I jump back to the main page to check(Winamp is not showing

the change as it used to). Anyway before I go this is a brilliant track

and quite in line with his set so far.

see ya
10th track - Question maybe - Yes its still Nenes

we are approaching the end of this very good set(I think) must

write down Start Time next time).

Love this hard sound you have to listen and tap your feet and

you are taking part - and its great and the beat goes on - rap

vocals just enough - unusually clean as well. Theres a lot

happening in this track wrong happened - Excellent stuff

love the way he tells you the set is ended, theres a story

there for a lot of Dj's.

Great replay. If I've done it wrong please let me know Dan.

Hey dude. Next time if you make a review of a set ( or w/e it is. ) just create it at 1 page, and without the space between every line. I can say its pretty anoyying to read. I didnt even take the time to read it, sorry.

But the idea to make reviews of show that have been played isnt a bad idea :)

All respect to Derek.


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