[nEw] DJ Sentinel - Babylon (Original Mix) Full 160kbs MP3

I liked this one more than your others, i wanna play it on my show!
I dont like it, to be honest.
grabbed it, is it any different from the demo version you sent me?
umm the song started really good infact i was like woah finaly something good but then it turn out to be not plesant at all umm i dont like it after 2 min i think this track needed a different direction after the 2 mins i like is just sorry mate to say this but is just not what i expected the break down part with those unique pads is good ill tell u what this track just needs some rework and can be a release on my label so rework ?
Have you ever heard of capitals letters Marko?

Well the buildup and effects are good, Just dont like the noise you use. Dont like the melody either. But anyway, i cant make tracks myself. And this is one step furter! Keep going.