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New Posts being marked as read

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May 6, 2006
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Hey Dan,
No big deal...but thought I'd make a thread about it just incase others are having the same problem.

When I visit the forums - I see a whole bunch of new posts and new threads which are flagged as red. Say I go into one of those threads and reply, when I go back to the forums - all the unread ones now appear as read.

Its like after I visit the forums - all the "unread" posts change status.

You know what I mean?
yeah, I know... Kinda irritating! Another example is when you go to "new posts" and if you then reply to a post and then go back to the forums, there suddenly are "no new posts"

Get it?
The way read posts work is, the red AH icon will change to read "gray" only when you view the post :)...

or you can click on mark all forums read at the bottom of main forum page.
Not open for further replies.