No-longer download links to Podcasts?

Why is there no more download links posted on any Podcasts?.

afaik (a far as I know) :hmmm:

The message 'pending' is from the period of many years, during which free downloads were offered after 48h of the actual broadcast. * Things have changed last year. The (three) downloads of 18 December 2016 were the last ones. Because of both costs (hosting files) and increasing legal issues (record companies and management of artists) finally Dan K, founder and owner of, has decided no more (new) downloads will be offered. It's over, Tranceman32. Better get used to it.

Dan said:
Hello due to legal complaints in the links and uploads we provide, we have decided to stop and only offer as its not using 3rd party sites. We thank you for your support and we're sorry for the changes.

Plus : * on a personal note: I don't know how long the existing range of available free downloads will be there ( ! ) ...
Thanks for the reply danmark_ori. Thing is. I don't see any download links to the Podcasts, even far back ether. For intense, to this Podcast download.
↑ check this date ↑ :)

The (three) downloads of 18 December 2016 were the last ones.

so since this date we don't share daily downloads anymore, all you can do is to try djs music pages like soundcloud&mixcloud etc. :wink:
Would be nice with some more info in this thread.
I have used premium before but since the where mostly old podcast's there i didn't use it much.
Is the service better now? Can i use it "offline"?