Official New Users Thread !! say hello

Hey, ^*^ I'm a producer from Lithuania born in 1993, started my interest in the EDM culture movement in the old 2001 years. Altho 2016 Was a tough year... Im coming back with Blessings! New sound, new music that I been making since 2019 that will heal your mind, body, and soul. Embrace yourselves, since new music Im about to release, will fill your hearts with pure love and joy like you never experienced before!

And I'm not only strictly do make healing music since 2020, but I also plan, write, produce and record podcasts called "Knowledge Of Salvation". These podcasts are about: Experience (including spiritual), demons or angels encounters, wisdom, knowledge, Word Of God, Prophetic Dreams, and such.

They are really educational for those who maybe seek answers and want to learn mysteries come right in my twitter @KnowSalvation. On the other hand, if you love staying in Spotify just type in Spotify search field "Knowledge Of Salvation" and you will find my podcast. Do not forget press Follow button, on both podcast & this Vyt4s healing music profiles it truly helps grow my audience :3

For updates when new podcasts or healing music comes out, make sure to follow my twitter page @KnowSalvation, since there I put all the newest information & even additional content that moves my heart.

For any Business/Inquiries Contact me at

Sincerely, Vyt4s.

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Twitter: @KnowSalvation
Instagram: @knowledgeofsalvation

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Hi! I'm a new member from Madrid, Spain. Trance lover since 1999, now I'm producing my ''modest'' first tracks from the beginning of the pandemic.

Of course I love this kind of music and listening EOYC every year since 2012.

Regards, and thank you very much

It's nice to be part of this group. I love trance music,
Hello folks,

Tuning in from Norway.

I've been in love with EDM since the late 80's Rave and Dance music.

Now I need my daily dose of Trance music while stuck in the car on my way to the office. (Yes, despite the situation..)

Been listening to and since they started streaming, more than as the app for was very unstable on my Android-devices for quite some time (but that was years ago, when I think back to it..) but now it's time to tune in again.

I was dj'ing a bit back in the early 90's, played at a few clubs, was a DJ at a local radio station that had a show once a week, 2 hours with music, no commercials. People could call in and ask for music to be played, but we only spun electronic music. :p

These days I have Serato programs on my laptop and a Pioneer DDJ-SR and a pair of Blaupunkt PA-25 speakers to throw some music at parties.

Stay safe people!

Hello everyone! We are Binary Ensemble. We are trance music producers and DJ from the city of joy Kolkata, India. We have been producing trance music since 2019 and have since released on labels like AVA White, Magic Island Elevate, HeavensGate, Beyond The Stars Recordings and many others, and have garnered supports from DJs like Johan Gielen, Roger Shah, Elucidus, Suncatcher and Exolight, Ori Uplift and many more. We have alsoperformed on various Radioshows as guest artists. We hope to connect with you all here!! Looking forward.

Love and cheers,
Binary Ensemble
Hi all,

My name is Ignacio (Sebastian Campo) and i loved trance since i was a little kid around 7 yo. That's how i discovered electronic music it self. now i'm more into progressive vibes and progressive trance, anjuna style, anyone digging that you can check my monthly podcast on my soundcloud
Hi from the centre of Holland this is Co2 ( Marco)

Already a fan for a few years, also have been in contact Dan from through mail to ask some questions and always replies... so support is also there even not a visible member... . So long time a hugh fan, but never registered... Why I don't know... Listening every minute of the day when I have the time and could listen. , car, work, at home , groceries you name it.... all possible. .. never ever the same.. and The EOYC... I love it

Wishing you all Nice Holiday Season at these strange time, let's keep healthy in 2021... and enjoy the sets fully .... Thank you Ah.FM for all your efforts and specially in these difficult lock-down period... Cheers to all of you out there somewhere.
Greetings from Florida. Hey guys! New here, my ears are excited for some awesome remix now! Happy New Year!
Hi there
I'M true music lovers since childhood
From teenage years till now I used to listen to trance chillout deephouse and much more😉
Thank very much for your warm welcome!!!
Hi, All! I'm Stan and now new here. Hope I'll have many hours of good broadcasting  music shows.<br><br>Have a nice day!
Hey guys n gals! Today is my 1st day on AHFM! Looking forward to hearing great music and I have a new show every 2nd Sunday of the month!! See you around town! 🙏🏻❤️🎵
Hi there.
DTM from Scotland.

New to the forum. Been a listener to AH.FM for a long time. Great to find out that they had there own forum.

Trance podcaster for a number of years now. Featured in the top 20 podcast trance section in iTunes last month.
keen to hear new podcasts from other users.

wizard with rekordbox and the XDJ range so glad to help anyone out with tips and issues.
I just joined the forum so there are so many things I don't know yet, I hope to have the help of the boards, and I really want to get to know you all on the forum.