Official New Users Thread !! say hello

Hi everyone

I was recommended this site by artist Selim Okay.

I am Dj Vepy from Jyväskylä, Finland. I started deejaying at 1997 and that's been my main job after that. I've always loved the trance music and I love play it on gigs. I make some trance mixtapes and hope you listen them and like them. I'm glad to join this community.

-Dj Vepy-
Hello guys, my name is Billy Loianno aka Billyeevin and I am a Uplifting Vocal Tech Trance DJ playing since 2012 and I start my new show on this Station this Wednesday at 14:00 CET and on every 1st Wednesdays of the month. So happy to be part of this radio as only radio I wanted to play after I stopped my shows when closed 3 years ago, where I played for 2 1/2 years.

I hope to bring the best in Trance music and the music from all the artist I play and the one's from the Adam Ellis group of producers I work with and represent till the day I retire from playing music, as we are all One Trance Family <3 hope you can join my first show this Wednesday :)
I just love so many aspects of Electronic music. They all hit you in a different way. Progressive, Trance, Melodic Techno, Techno, House. Etc. love it all!
Hi All!

Name's Randy. Aspiring DJ/producer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida by way of Richmond, Virginia.

I am a member of another electronic music forum, Trance Podium and also DJed at's EOYC 2020 countdown.

All of my socials can be accessed at
Hi Everyone!
Just found this place on a random twitter post. Excited to check it out.
Been playing trance music for about a year now. No live gigs yet but a bunch of online stuff.

hi this guys r the best of the best they saved my life thx a lot u ppl u r the best ,i wish u only healt the the rest we can buy i love u ,many years ago u helped me i ow u my family §!!!!!
best regardsi know u when u just started my family hahahahahahhi was one year later when u started u r the best of the best
peace and love
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Hola a todos
Es un honor formar parte de afterhours
Le doy las gracias a todos y cada uno de ustedes por la felicidad y energía que se siente al escuchar cada una de sus canciones!!!
Gracias y saludos...
Hi folks just a hello from Scotland the home of the greatest club Hanger 13 sadly gone, still love the music though
Hello All ,

I'm a long time listener to AH.FM. Been a follower to Electronic music for over 22 years. Trance is my favourite sub genre though. Trance gives me nothing but feel good vibes and positivity and I need alot of that in my life to make life more enjoyable. :)

I'm currently rebuilding my online networking after being so busy with life. I haven't had much time in the past to do so until now. I'm so looking forward to meeting like minded music lovers out there and I hope to become a regular active member on here. Looking forward to connecting with you all.

Peace :music:
Hi All ,

We are super stoked to be starting our AfterhoursFM journey tomorrow from 4pm - 6pm. How are we all keeping ?