Onova - Futura [FREE Download!]


Jun 22, 2007
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Hey ladies and gents!

If you didnt know some time ago i had a major hdd crash and i lost alot of music and production work in that crash.

Now you may think, why didnt he back it up, well i had backed it up BUT there was some serious damage coused by the crash and in some wierd way it took the backup disk with it. So there i was with one crashed Harddrive and one corrupt harddrive and as it looks at the moment there isnt much to do to get my material back.

So in the same chaos i had just finnished a track and was sent out to different labels and was about to sign it when this happend. Now with the masters gone there is no way to sign it. However i did have the 320 mp3s up on my FTP that i used to send the demos out and left them there.

So feels abit of waste to just let them be there and not come in use. So here i am giving them away to you.

You are free to use the track in ur dj sets and for personal listening, but not for any commercial purpose what so ever. Meaning you cannot/not aloud to use this track to make money. So if some website try to sell this to you DONT PAY FOR IT, just email me a request and we will sort it out. The track is free but still copyrighted to Onova Music Productions™ © 2009.

Hope you enjoy and all comments are welcome.

Thanks for all your support

..Zippyshare.com - 01 Onova_Futura_Orchertral_Mix.mp3
..Zippyshare.com - 02 Onova_Futura_Original_Mix.mp3
Hey these are great :bravo::choon:, thanks for sharing :)

Shame about your HDD though :(
wow that sucks. best wishes to you. thanks for sharing. original is great:friends:
Man, that's a shame about your HHD's. :( Hope that doesn't happen again in a hurry for you! Thanks for sharing these though. Will give them some abuse I'm sure! :)
awesome tune!
well done Chris!
Thanks alot guys.. really glad you like it :) Im up and running with the studio agian and its a vocal tracks.. So its a first for me. Its about 70% done, so stay tuned :)