Oscar Burnside - Promo Mix (20-07-08)


Sep 15, 2007
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DJ Name: Oscar Burnside
How long you have been a DJ: 4 years
Style of music played: Tech House/Progressive House
Bio: (A brief introduction about yourself)

Oscar Burnside is the artist name of Oskar Szafraniec, a young Polish DJ. Everything started when his uncle, an Electro and House DJ, taught him everything about mixing. Obviously at the beginning Oscar played and listened to those 2 genres because he didn’t know other styles. He practiced the beatmatching on software and with time became better and better at it. Later on he found out how internet radios work and decided to give a try with shows. At the beginning he played live sets for a few listeners on Polish radios. With time friends and colleagues were made. Oscar got help from Oen Bearen among others. He was finally able to buy a first mixer and his skills got even better. Afterwards he joined bigger radios, got more experience and learned that there are more interesting music genres out there. This is when he realized that he can’t play what others play so he began to look for as much information about other genres as possible. Now Oscar plays a wider range of styles such as Progressive Trance, Progressive House, Minimal, Tech House and Trance. Making more contacts gave him the possibility to join the Polish DJ agency Beyond Music Agency (BMA). First sets were broadcasted by Pure.fm, Sense.fm and Revolusic.com. Consequently Oscar got his own radio show at Pure.fm, which is called “Burn Sessions”, as well as a show at Revolusic.com. PureDJ.com is now also interested in getting the young DJ. Trance Meeting Vol. 1 and 2 and Pure.fm Loves Poland are the events that he participated at. Oscar also learns production on software. What he does now are just private tracks that he keeps for himself. He wants first to develop his skills and reach perfection at production. His ultimate goal is to make tracks that will stay in the hearts and memories of people for a long time and that would make them feel the music flowing in their minds. Oscar Burnside’s ambition makes him determined to achieve his goals in music career and won’t give up so easily. He will keep on practicing and improving until someone notices him.

1. Bibicu - Mexico Dream (Milkwish Remix)
2. Zoo Brazil - Shadow Dance
3. Marco V & Sander Van Doorn - Organic (Bates45 Remix)
4. Inkfish And Davester Presents Synenergy - Rejections (No Riff Dub)
5. Roland Klinkenberg - Dusty Horizon (Max Graham Club Mix)
6. DJ Orkidea - Metaverse (Jody Wisternoff Remix)
7. Kolombo And Nemio - Darkroom (Ragdoll's Friday Night Mix)
8. Zoo Brazil - Sputnik
9. Kanio - Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It (Original Mix)
10. Funkagenda - What The **** (Original Club Mix)

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