OUT! [Trance All-Stars Records] Tommy Kierland - Plethora / Closer to the Sun

Jun 4, 2012
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Label: Trance All-Stars Records
Code: TAR-19-15
Release Date: 12.08.2019

Tommy Kierland is here on our main imprint with the shape of an EP filled with emotion and exploration within the trance sounds and an experience is given to us that we might not have expected. The first track 'Plethora' which can be another word for overflow, there is a sense of feeling overflooded with subjective emotions when hearing this track. Tommy's choice in melody takes us to places where we want to get ourselves a spot, get comfortable and stay for a long time to just soak in the amazing music. The riches provided with 'Plethora' which is handed to us is overwhelming. Then we have 'Closer to the Sun' which is slightly more energetic, and I want to again relate to the title. Bringing us closer to the sun is automatically handing us a few extra rays of energy that keeps us going through a hard day or just get us out there on the dancefloor to kick ass. The break is a pure stunner with piano and vocal elements followed by something we might not expect. Not the traditional build but a unique form of an assembled construction, which continues through the main and we are mesmerized by the skilled productions Tommy always seem to do. There is a definite genius at work here - Tommy Kierland with 'Plethora' and 'Closer to the Sun'.

01. Plethora (Original Mix)
02. Closer to the Sun (Original Mix)

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