Ozgür Can - Couldn't Care Less EP [HH-001]


Dec 28, 2006
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Label : Harthouse
Genre : Techno

A01 Couldn't Care Less
B01 Jattedansen

Özgür Can a man with a master plan: to wreck the dancefloor. Which should be no problem at all for this Swedish prodigy who is n either blond nor dumb but possibly a little too furry for his own good. Fluffing up the Scandinavian house scene with his very own take on danceable sounds nurtured by his musical upbringing, and an ability to breathe life into lame parties, something that has propelled him straight into the centre of things

Quote is taken from www.expeditionmusic.com and here are my thoughts about the tracks:

A01: Couldn't Care Less: It starts with a typic Ozgür sound. Wierd, proggy sounds which you can hear in many of his productions. Percussion comes in and along comes a wierd background sound. So far so good. This was the intro and then the beat comes in. Great sound in combination with the beat and it sounds good enough so far. After a while there are some other sounds coming in the track but it doesn't really add anything to the track. It's beginning to sound a bit repetitive. But then there is a sweet break. Athmospherical sounds and the beat comes back and it combines it all. Starting to sound somewhat different than the first few minutes. But those sounds go away after a short while and the repetitive melody, or what ever it is, comes back again. Not really an innovative track and I expected more from Ozgür. He normally produces awesome tracks. The kind of tracks you can only expect from Ozgür himself.

In total, I'm not impressed by this track. It does have a typical Ozgür sound but it's not a good one. Compare this to his other productions and this sounds too repetitive. A shame, because I was really in for another amazing production by Ozgür.

B01: Jattedansen: This one also starts with a typical Ozgür sound. Good beats and after a minute there is a short break/stop. Wierd sounds and this one gives me faith that Ozgür produced something good on this vinyl. Beat comes back and an awesome, raw sound get's added. Another couple of wierd sounds added and more and more. It sounds amazingly difficult to make, but extremely good to the ear. Already way better than A01. It continues like this for another few minutes. After those few minutes another couple of sounds are added and that makes it even better. Sweet beats and sounds combined. It continues like this and then there is the end. This one might also sound a bit repetitive at some points, but not as much as A01.

In total, really like this one. Great sounds and beat in this track and it sounds like it's been made with a lot of effort, because of all the different sounds and bleeps you hear in this track. Great production by Ozgür!

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very nice review, thank you so much mate. imma put a afterhours supporter ribbon on your name :)
IMO very cool tracks by Ozze, his trademark style is something I really do like and admire!
IMO very cool tracks by Ozze, his trademark style is something I really do like and admire!

i totally agree:)

who's the man who's the man if no one can, Özgür Can:P