Perpetual feat. Tiff Lacey - Restless [Enhanced Progressive]


Sep 12, 2008
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Played by Paul van Dyk @ Vonyc Sessions 155!

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PERPETUAL FEAT. TIFF LACEY :: RESTLESS :: Audiojelly Dance Music Download Site

Perpetual are Fredrik Lindblom and Henrik Collin who have been together and releasing quality trance since 2001. They debut on Enhanced with a singer that's no stranger to the label, Tiff Lacey with the slick 'Restless.'

If groovy melodic prog is your bag then this will surely find favour with you.

Remixes come from Enhanced stalwarts MoodFreak, Arty and newcomer Matt Holliday, ahead of his 'Your Touch' release later this year.

MoodFreak chops the vocal and layers it over his irresistible groove, whilst Arty creates a huge, big room lead and Matt Holliday shows us his quality with a well layered melodic rendition.

Paul van Dyk, Mark Pledger, 7 Skies, Adam White, Airwave, Andre Visior, Charlie G, Cressida, Daniel Heatcliff, Daniel Kandi, Danjo, Deep Voices, Digital Nature, Dimitri Kechagias, DJ Feel, Ernesto vs Bastien, Estiva, Flash Brothers, Haris C, Jamesy Hannan, Jon Nix, Jonas Hornblad, Jonathan Martin, Jon O’Bir, Joop, Jorn van Deynhoven, Jussi Soro, Kane Nelson, Kris Andrews, Kristina Sky, Les Hemstock, Manuel Le Saux, Matt Abbott, Michael Angelo, M.I.K.E., Mike Cowie, Mike Saint Jules, Mike Shiver, Neil Moore, Nick Chemical, Niklas Harding, Passenger 75, Paul Newman, Paul Pearson, Phillip Alpha, Robert Geitleman, Ruben de Ronde, Sied van Riel Sequentia, Simon Barwood, Steve Anderson, Suzy Solar, Talla 2XLC, Tania Mann, Tempo Giusto, The Flyers, Tillmann Uhrmacher, Tino Hufeld (Breathemusic), Will Holland, Xgenic, Yaz

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Original Mix

MoodFreak Remix

Arty Remix

Matt Holliday Remix

Matt Holliday Intro Mix
someone needs to make a DUB, only the melody is great
someone needs to make a DUB, only the melody is great

Heard that before. Seems that either people love Tiff or they simply dislike her stuff. Fair enough of course.

We have another release with her coming up - but it will include dubs + some really really big remixes.

Sorry for the lack of Dubs this time around.

And thanks for the support Katadunkass - great choice also:music:
Tiff's voice is so over rated. boring her vocals:sleeping:
Matt Holliday intro mix is massivly trancy tune!!!!