Pete Vrublevsky - Life Inspiration

Pete Vrublevsky

Aug 26, 2006
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Hi,I'm independent producer,I compose from 2 years,I like many styles of electronic music - from Jean Michel Jarre to Paul van Dyk,Tiesto,ATB,Armin van Buuren,Kyau vs.Albert,Ronski Speed,Marc van Linden,Gerry Cueto,Cosmic Gate, Hybrid,X-Dream,Infected Mushroom,etc. - I don't like to "sort" music about "commercial" and "uncommercial" - if track is good all other aspects aren't important - MUSIC IS THE BEST DEFENDER FINALLY :)

I want to present you my track called "Life Inspiration" - I think it is good connection what I like in trance music - fast beats, energetic melody and beautiful pads, I have recorded it in this year.Sorry for mastering which isn't very well...but I still learn how to do that ;)

Maybe you can add this track to your playlist?

Thx for answer


Pete Vrublevsky
Hi Pete Vrublevsky and welcome to

Thanks for sharing your music with us - I will download it and give it a listen.
I also think this is a great track. I can definatly hear the Jean Michael Jarre influence. I'd definatly call this a "big room" trance track. The build up is good, the progression and energy flow is good. The track is interesting and keeps my attention - what is going to happen next? When is the next build up.

I've rated this 4 stars. The track in itself is great. As you said the mastering needs a little tweaking. I thought I heard some distortion in the recording - I'll have to give it a more careful listen.

Keep up the great work, and I will add this track to my collection of producers - to which I will compile a producers mix set before the end of this year. Just as soon as I get enough quality tracks.

I'm very happy that you like this track,it's a great honour to me that you will include this composition to your set :) THX A LOT ! :)