Phoenix93 - 2011 is going to be a big year


Feb 9, 2011
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Hi all just introducing myself. This is a little lazy I know, but I thought I would take the information direct from the official press pack...

Phoenix93 is a dj & music producer from the United Kingdom.

He has enjoyed and worked with many musical styles and dance music notaries since the early 90's when he began a noteable career as a club dj culminating in regular bookings & residencies up and down the United Kingdom at some of the scenes most recognisable underground clubs.

An acclaimed producer and remixer in various genres Phoenix93 attempts to weave a rich life of musical influences and ideas into a tapestry of sound for the listener. Breaking lines, categories and definitions, while weaving intricate sounds that challenge the listeners pre-conceived ideas and perceptions. Phoenix93 takes you on a journey that provokes emotion, inspires and pulls your into his world.

In his own words:
"I try to create an emotional texture for the listener where they create the headspace and make it individual and personal to themselves. By creating these textures I hope to give the listener a rich enough tapestry so they can create an emotional soundscape that they will return to, feel comfortable within and of course enjoy".

Since he began his blossoming production career, Phoenix93 has worked on a dizzying variety of projects as remixer, producer and guru to others. Often mentor, often facilitator the well spring of creativity that flows through his current is clear to see. After being asked to produce an ambient piece by one of his soundcloud followers entitled 'Paranormal Vigil' the track was hand picked for inclusion into Paradise Picks a radio show broadcasting from Princeton in the USA reaching an estimated audience of 15million listeners.

Currently working on his concept album 'Legacy' ,which is to be viewed as his first Opus, Phoenix93 continues to rock dancefloors accross the globe.

His diversity and ability to turn his dancefloor know how on to different styles and genres can be seen clearly in tracks such as 'Funky House Music', 'Pink Love Box' and of course the massive 'White Widow'.

White Widow is now available to download via iTunes worldwide:bravo:

White Widow is the first single available this year and there are more to come. I am currently working hard on my much anticipated album 'Legacy' which is due for worldwide release round about July 2011. Legacy contains a real rich diverse collection of sounds from epic progressive atmospheric trance, kick arse all hanging out dancefloor house shakers and even a little liquid dnb.

You can listen to some of the tracks from the album, get exclusive downloads, and find links to the Phoenix93 Facebook group all on my soundcloud page or by clicking the link below:


I do ask that if you use any of the downloads available on my page that you simply let me know so I can name check you and give a little back for your support.

I would love it if you paid me a visit, and I am happy to network with you all... thanks for reading and I hope to catch up with you all soon. Best of luck with all your projects..

Phoenix93 :megacrazy: