Plasmatic Sessions recruiting crew members


Jun 26, 2006
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Plasmatic Sessions, a world leading radio show on 8 radios including weekly, is in need of crew members for maintaining shows, organization, and radios specific skills:

-knowledge of trance in general and artists
-knowledge of underground trance music
-enough time every week(between 1-2 hours)

no salary for this job, we only take people who wish to support/help this growing show, so let us know!
I could do that... I'm trance addict and know many dj and producers... but I think I won't be able. I think you must know personally a lot of DJ or producers.

What does this job exactly consist of?
it consists of doing the following:
-live tracklisting for the shows on, in other words, you keep tracklist updating for tracks on the topic for each episode.
-working on schedules and lineup for coing weeks, in other words, contacting artists and producers for playing in specific dates on the show.

and you dont need to have personal relations, not that i dont, but check your pm if your still interested, more info there.