PSYTRANCE - “I love Me” Bahar Canca, FlourEnzo, DuOhm feat. Luka. OUT NOW!


Jan 18, 2016
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“I love Me” Bahar Canca, FlourEnzo, DuOhm feat Luka

Stomper and messy yet organic single is now out!!!



This is a family affair. Bahar Canca and FluorEnzo often get together in the studio with their kids and work on music. This is the first fruit fallen of their creative tree. Track uses vocal samples of Luka , son of Bahar on age 3 and live guitar samples of Lourenco age 16.

This release launching also Lourenco and Tomas a.k.a DuOhm, twin sons of FlourEnzo, born in Brazil on 1999. They also known as 2Ice, a duo, Tomas playing drums and Lourenco playing guitar and they both sing. This is just a start of many killer releases you will see their name with of these young and extremely talented boys.

FluorEnzo, the proud dad of two, familiar face on the Psy-trance seen. Old school DJ, been producing since late 90’s. He started Psy-trance scene in Rio De Janeiro in Mid 90’s and meet the fans with many artist such as Infected Mushrooms, Sub6 etc.. By being such good collaborator, many lined up and will be released on 2016.

Producer and Sub Bubble label manager Bahar Canca, released 13 Ep’s and 1 Album so far. She is also the co-founder of Psy-boutique Festival.

Bahar Canca says: “I have been playing this and loving the crowd reaction. Proper messy party vibe.”

Video teaser: