Rain - Restless [full 320kbps hi-nrg anthem]


May 24, 2006
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This is not a new song, but it's VERY energetic, powerful & also melodic hard trance anthem. You are more then welcome to use it in your sets, here or in another place. Just let me know :)
Here you are:

BTW, any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated :)

See ya
Filip aka Rain
I like it.. thanks Rain, btw how long did this take you to do?
It took me 2-3 nights to complete a song, but much longer before to write melodies and invent how it should sound.
Actually, that's how I work. I invent quickly a nice melody and then build all synths around it, then, if I believe it's good I try to work on details and mix. Sometimes I leave because I'm not fully convinced or something goes wrong and then I only check my projects sometimes to change one note or synth. And then after month or two I finish them (or delete)
That's the case when I decided to finish it :)
looks really nice... im gonna try it and leave some feedback later!!
I listened to it. To me the overall works sounds really flat, is fast paced, but doen't mean it comes packed with energy, it sounded very linear to me. Keep practicing tho, only with practice you get to produce better and better.