Recording Sets

Sasha Pidann

May 6, 2006
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Hi guys!

Just wondering what everyone uses to record their sets. I use GOLDWAVE, ok recording software, but is there better?

please let me know.

Also, what makes your recording software better or superior over other?

i really would appreciate some feedback on this topic
Hmm yeah i borrow this thread a bit =) hope its ok Sasha.
I wanna know some good programs and also the noob question.
"how do i hook up my cdjs to my laptop or other computer to record"
For recording my sets i use Audio Record Wizard....
its a damn pretty small program wich can record in every quality you want (for ex. 96/128/192/256 kbps).

This program even uses almost nothing from your system performance, AND! it can record straight to mp3 :)

After that i edit my set with Acid Pro for pumping up the volume (never record your set with an to high volume ;)) and for adding some jingles.

Good luck!
Two parts to this question so first off, I use Adobe Audtion for my recording software. Really easy to use, and Adobe has really done a find job of upgrading their codecs in V2.0. I also really like their mastering rack program which is incredible. They've got a great compressor and really have blown away Logics multipressor which is the industry standard.

As far as hooking up my computer to my turntables, I have an Echo Gina 24 sound card and breakout box. This piece of equipment ROCKS....The newest version added some amazing features as well and the sound quality is as close to studio as you can get on a budget. Unfortunately it doesn't work for laptops, so I would suggest going with a USB connectable sound card. You'll spend a little more, but PCMCI cards will never get you the quality a USB card would.

As you can tell I'm a geek when it comes to this stuff, I do mastering of tracks for a couple decent producers in my area. If you have any more questions about this stuff PM me and I would be more than happy to talk to you about it.

Brian G
Hi I use Ableton Live for my daw sytem as well as fl studio. but to get it sounding amazing i use URS equalizers to get good levelling on all of my tracks once i do that i put some delay and chorus and also reverb on some of my sounds but not all remember less is more so be subtle. once you've done that use waves ultramaximizer for final bit production. but remember when doing eq make sure your ears are fresh and when doing final bit mastering don't do it on the same day as eq as your ears will be tired.
i use my creative audio line in recorder ... from my graphic card ... and the sound ... hih maybe u didnt listen my shows yet .... but sound should be clear enough