Richard Durand - In Search Of Sunrise 9 (India)


Nov 8, 2008
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On paper Goa’s 1992 – 94 rise to trance prominence should have been the catalyst for India’s wholesale EDM epiphany. The theoretical die was well cast, but through circumstances both simple and complex that particular ascendance never quite fired. FFWD to 2007 and the situation finally began to swing. Every year for the last four, from Mumbai to Pune, from New Delhi to Bangalore, the country’s dance music footprint has grown exponentially.
The custom for name-checking cities, islands, countries and continents in compilation titles has long been a dance artist’s way in highlighting the places that they’ve felt the strongest newfound pressure. India’s club fraternity may rightfully have been wondering when their first nod would come. Edition 7 of Search of Sunrise went wide angle on the Asian continent at large. It’s the series’ new crusader that’s zoomed the lens in though, to that motherland of the mystic, India!
There are various trappings that a country needs in order to establish their trance scene credentials and the republic now has them all. Emerging artists are propagating the music and feeding the scene, major festivals and regular club nights bring in the international DJs and dedicated in-country trance websites have reached prominence, collectively bringing it to the attention of the national media.
Richard silenced the shouldn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t brigade with the critical and commercial success of his IDMA nominated In Search Of Sunrise 8: South Africa album last year. Durand then took his ISOS sound and vision on tour and completed the trifecta with a freshly minted radio show. Having generated his own brand of the titular heat at the country’s Sunburn festival late last year, he knew where his second sun would rise.
Kicking off appropriately enough with the latest from India’s Lost Stories, mix 1 builds its way through new Pulser, Alex O’Rion and Zoo Brazil material, culminating in Richard’s latest track off the desk, ‘Run To You’. Mix 2 meanwhile ushers in audio from Jonas Steur, Craving, Andy Duguid and Sunny Lax among others and also fields Daniel Wanrooy’s purpose-built and exceptionally fine ‘Bangalore’.
Again with ISOS 9, all the gems included are exclusive to the comp.

The comp will be released June 6th 2011 on Black Hole Recordings.

Disc 1
01. Lost Stories – All Good Things (Prayag & Rishab Intro Mix)
02. Ad Brown, Mango & Kerry Leva – Tonight
03. Alex O’Rion – Craters Of The Moon
04. Pulser featuring Molly Bankcroft – In Deep
05. Zoo Brazil featuring Rasmus Kellerman – Hold Me Tight
06. Vinson – Circular Progression
07. Venaccio & Daigon – Avatar
08. Moonpax – Ice Coffee
09. Mike Saint-Jules presents Saint X featuring Sandel – Summerlives
10. Craving – Inflection
11. Rene Martens – Point Of No Return
12. Thomas Coastline – Eliminate
13. Save The Robot – Solace
14. Richard Durand featuring Hadley – Run To You
15. Jason van Wyk & JPL – Elsewhere

Disc 2
01. Supermind – Golden Langur
02. Jorg Zimmer featuring Eva Kade – Fire In My Head
03. Silence Groove – Seven
04. Jonas Steur featuring Jennifer Rene – Still I Wait (Richard Durand’s In Search of Sunrise Mix)
05. Craving – Summer Memories
06. George Acosta featuring Emma Lock – Falling Deep (Extended Mix)
07. Tom Cloud – The Sky Is The Limit
08. Andy Duguid featuring Fenja – Strings
09. Richard Durand featuring Julie Thompson – Diamonds In The Sky
10. Alex O’Rion – Rise Up Again
11. Daniel Wanrooy – Bangalore
12. Sunny Lax – Viva La Revolucion
13. Dragon & Jontron – Wheels Up
14. DNS Project presents Bigroom – In The Air
15. Mark Sixma – Arrivals