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Saint Rush - Burning Red Skies (Original Mix)


Jul 26, 2007
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Saint Rush - Burning Red Skies (Original Mix)

Oh my God! :w00t: This track is awesome! :choonalert::choonalert::choonalert::choonalert:

My verdict on this tune = 10/10 :mml:
Very good track! My favorite mix out of the package.. :)

I agree with all of you, Mikkel knows his music thus is he the man who creates music everyone likes! I still think that his tune with Amex (Distant Worlds) is the best one! :music:
Haven't heard it yet but equally I haven't yet heard a Saint Rush tune I don't like so I'm sure I'll be picking this one up :)

you and i must be twins, but on my own note i like all Mikkels work, he is passionate about it which counts, and he is unique with his tunes, they dont all sound alike!


- the guitar sample is what i like most, got me first time!