Santi Mossman & Rodrigo Mateo - MicroCosmos (incl. Lank & Sahar Z remixes)


Sep 4, 2010
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Santi Mossman & Rodrigo Mateo - MicroCosmos - [Perspectives Digital]

01. MicroCosmos (Original Mix)
02. MicroCosmos (Lank Remix)
03. MicroCosmos (Sahar Z Remix)

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KEY DJ SUPPORT (alphabetical)

Arnej - Best Mix: Original Mix
Barry Jamieson - Lank nice
Denis A - 8/10, Best Mix: Sahar Z Remix, good
DJ Tarkan - 9/10, Cool mixes !
Flash Brothers - Lank mix works!
Guy J - Sahar Z does great job on the remix , thnx good luck
Guy Mantzur - I play it a lot, Its so good
Hernan Cattaneo - sahar mix is the bomb (Original Mix and Sahar Z Remix charted in Top 20 and featured on Resident radio show)
Ian O'Donovan - Like the original thnx!
Jamie Stevens - 9/10, Great release!!! Lank's on fire at the moment. Love this mix. To be fair, all versions pack a wallop and all have their place. Top work!
Martin Garcia - 8/10, Best Mix: Sahar Z Remix, Thanks
Miss Nine - 8/10, Best Mix: Original Mix
Moonbeam - 10/10, Wow!
Paul Hazendonk - 8/10, Both remixes are cool, but Lank is the one I'd probably play the most.
Sezer Uysal - Sahar Z remix is nice, thanks
Sonic Union - 9/10, Pretty close to perfection here! all-round just fantastic!


Santi Mossman & Rodrigo Mateo have been two of the most talked about new producers from the burgeoning progressive house scene in Argentina. Both Santi and Rodrigo have been firm favorites of Hernan Cattaneo this year with a long line of their productions earning club, radio, and chart support from the storied DJ.

'MicroCosmos' begins with crisp beats and a wonderful complement of drums. The introduction of warm bass tones, angelic pads, and wonderfully processed pianos lay down a strong musical theme as the composition begins to build. This heartfelt melodic component is perfectly offset with some rough vocal elements, which add just the right amount of character and gritty texture to the track’s celestial canvas. Shimmering trails of effects and panning percussion dominate the track’s apex which has the soaring harmonies reaching an elegant peak.

Making his third appearance on Perspectives is the well-known Hungarian producer Peter Golyan aka Lank. He’s become one of the most loved artists in the new school of progressive house and his releases on Proton, Mesmeric, and microCastle have been championed by the world's biggest DJs. Lank's interpretation goes down as one of his best productions to date. The morphing sheets of well-textured low end frequencies create a wonderful harmonic haze. The brilliant melodic theme is exquisitely recreated with heart-wrenching vocal stabs and quirky sequences of electronic tones which only further the deep emotional reaches of the record.

The second remix is provided by Sahar Z who, along with the original artists, is making his debut on the label. The Israeli studio veteran has a meticulous discography which includes appearances on Bedrock, Sudbeat, and Lost & Found. Sahar's 'MicroCosmos' interpretation adds some amazing funk to the track and works very well alongside the two more progressive sounding versions. The strong melodic themes from the original are presented in a much more restrained fashion and allows Sahar's trippier electronics and irresistible groove to really shine. This has already been featured in Hernan Cattaneo's monthly chart and radio show so you know it's one not to be missed!

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