Sean Truby - Unreal [Red Force]


Sep 12, 2008
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Rising star from the UK, Sean Truby is making a debut on Red Force. Currently he also has a fresh collaboration out on Vandit Digital, and his new tune 'Unreal' is soon to be released. This time Red Force has lined up some heavy weight remixes; Digital Society resident and non-stop producing maniac Rob Stevenson aka Activa, Simon Bostock and yet another UK based producer, Luke Terry.

Original Mix
Smooth intro, treated with soft elements, but this the tune makes a drastic change into a setup of pounding beats and sizzling acid lines. Slamming claps, rumbling bassline and subtle piano notes draws you closer to a the center which holds a massive metallic, blurry synth riff which explodes in sound effects. Quite a heavy trancer which is gentle topped off with these piano lines - adding a little melody to the track.

Activa Remix
Rob is a guy who really understand how to make full-on trance. This track does not hold any big surprises but it is one big room bomb. As soon as the rolling bassline sets in, you how that signature Activa drive which only he, can inject in a track. He also does a great job giving the melody a facelift - powering it up with some extra energy.

Simon Bostock Remix
A huge amount of effort put into this mix, and you really feel that. Percussion arrangement is different from you ordinary trance tune and use of rise and falls, effects and the like really adds to the wow-factor. What really makes a difference is the bassline chords which are also slightly different from the usual simplistic pattern - it gives the bottom-end a really powerful pounding, bouncy vibe. Melodies are unique, catchy and falls in and out with excellent timing.

Luke Terry Remix
A much more melodic interpretation of 'Unreal'. While probably it is not the most groundbreaking remix, I still think it will please many fans. The melodies have been pushed to the front and the presence of the acid line in the background is boasting a great energy.

A great start from Sean Truby and a great adition to the Red Force stable. Activa delivers quite a heavy pounder and does not dissapoint. Luke Terry offers a trancey melodic interpretation. The true star on this release is the Simon Bostock remix - he is getting better and better and this would be one of his finest offerings so far. The massive club-feel he has managed to induce in this tune is perfect - 9/10 for the Simon Bostock Remix!


Out on: 01.06.2009


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Original, Activa Remix and Luke Terry Remix wow \o/ massive tracks :super:

can't wait for release :dancing:
Melody sounds like a rip off of a Simon Patterson track... Loving the Activa and Luke Terry remixes though!