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Shingo Nakamura - Only Silk 02 :: Digital Selections [SILKOS02DS]


Aug 7, 2006
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An artist whose sound has come to define our imprint, Japanese phenom Shingo Nakamura presents 4 new dynamic cuts, extracted from his forthcoming Only Silk 02 compilation. The tracks featured here, including his own remix of Lessov's classic "Bleyban", showcase the deeper side of Shingo's versatile artistic style as both a producer and DJ. In addition, previously unreleased tracks by Arthur Deep, Dan Sieg, and Asten are amongst the "Selections" that made the final cut.

The compilation kicks off with a moody and exceedingly emotive new interpretation of "Images" by American talent Dan Sieg (of Dan & Sam). The Original Mix, a peak-hour cut by British star Toby Hedges, proved to be a widely supported single on Silk Royal. An ominous and richly cinematic soundscape is crafted early on in Dan's rendering, with an extended 2-minute intro. A cavernous bassline enters the affair at the quarter turn, which slowly begins to crescendo (only enhancing the foreboding textures). Meanwhile, the poignant themes of the original add further mystery and intrigue to the evocative atmosphere.

Shingo offers a stunning new interpretation of Lessov's "Bleyban", originally a standout track on our deep-prog division Silk Textures (supported on radio by Armin van Buuren). The atmosphere is similarly ominous early on, as hypnotic arps sit atop a floaty, pad-centered atmosphere. A classically beautiful Shingo Nakamura piano riff is introduced, as a stormy, yet deep bassline gives the track a hefty, low-end drive. These elements patiently gather steam as the track progresses and prove to inhabit the listener's soul by the end.

Arthur Deep, one of Silk's founding artists, triumphantly returns to our imprint with a gorgeous vocal take on SNR & Rikkaz feat. Jan Johnston's very memorable "Beautiful Change" release. Over the years, Arthur's taste has shifted to a deeper style; the soothing, sophisticated, and heartfelt character of his work has remained a constant. There is a floaty, uplifting quality to this particular remix that will make you want to share a glass of champagne with a loved one, as Jan Johnston's incomparable voice and lyrics add to the romance.

Beatport release date: February 11th, 2014
iTunes release date: February 25th, 2014
Genre: progressive house
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Toby Hedges - Images (Dan Sieg 'Dark Images' Remix)
02 Lessov - Bleyban (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
03 SNR & Rikkaz feat. Jan Johnston - Beautiful Change (Arthur Deep Vocal Remix)
04 Asten - Ancient Future (Original Mix)

Solarstone, Gorm Sørensen, Blake Jarrell, Shawn Mitiska, Marcus Schossow, Aeron Aether, Blood Groove & Kikis, Jaytech, Aruna, Tjerk Coers, Tom Fall, Johan Nilsson, Kenneth Thomas, meHiLove, Vitodito, Fernando Ferreyra, Vintage & Morelli, Denis Laurent, Full Tilt, James Warren, Rose & Paul, Darin Epsilon, Peter Illias, MoodFreak, Michael & Levan

Artist Info:
Shingo Nakamura: http://soundcloud.com/shingonakamura

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