Silk Textures :: Asten - Abuqua [SILKTX016]


Aug 7, 2006
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Russian producer Asten has earned praise recently for his highly original and versatile productions, which have ranged from minimal-tech to progressive and deep house. Silk Textures proudly presents a three-track EP, all of which are on the deeper side. Kicking off the release is Abuqua, a gorgeous atmospheric tune. From early on in the track, the listener is treated to a floating-on-air soundcape; the tune becomes more rhythmically intricate and melodically layered as it progresses, leading into the stunning break. At this juncture, the beat drops out and the lead bell-synths take on a more "aquatic" quality, perhaps a hint to the meaning of the mysterious title. The second track in the EP, "Labyrinth," which evokes a truly "lost" world, perhaps not earthbound. A variety of atmo! spheric effects and synth stabs establish the delicate, outer-worldly mood. Finally, the EP closes with "Sky Waves," a more upbeat track; it features flanging pads and a funky, 80's groove. In the main break, the ethereal, sonic 'waves' make their grand debut to awe-inspiring effect.

Cat#: SILKTX016
Release date: June 14th, 2011
Genre: progressive house, deep house
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport; Junodownload, Itunes (two months later)

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Asten - Abuqua
02 Asten - Labyrinth
03 Asten - Sky Waves


Ruben de Ronde (Statement!)
Cool, thanks!

Flash Brothers (Agnosia)
sky waves is interesting

Stan Kolev (Outta Limits, Unreleased Digital)
Very nice :)

James Grant (Anjunadeep)
pretty sounds

Mark Pledger (Anjuna Worldwide)
good stuff

Cid Inc
Abuqua & Sky waves sounds great

Dash Berlin (Armada, Aropa)
Top stuff.

dPen (Hope, STM)
Great tracks... will chart and support!

Johan Nilsson (Digitally Imported Radio)
Abuqua and Sky waves :)

Dave Cortex (Sweet Cherry Music)
Nice warm up stuff right here. Sky Waves is my favorite on first listen. Thanks for sending.

Retroid (Morphosis, Ego Shot)
Abuqua is my pick

Terry Grant
Loving Abuqua. Thanks!

Gai Barone (Afterglow, Armada)
very good stuff here!! thanks

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