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Solarstone presents Solaris International Episode 397 on AH.FM 25-02-2014

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Jul 27, 2007
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silence on the forums today, weird cause this truly is an awesome set:)
Complete Track List:

Solarstone presents Solaris International Episode 397 (2014-02-25)

Progressive Selection:
Miraculum – Rendezvous [???]
Lessov – Bleyban (Shingo Nakamura Remix) [Silk Music]
Storyteller – Early Morning Rush (Allende Remix) [Spring Tube]

It's Not The Kind Of Thing We Usually Play... But We Like It Anyway:
Kazuyoshi Shimamura – Born [Mona]

Nu Tunes:
Ad Brown – All I Need (Extended Mix) [Black Hole] ** Featured Artist **
Ad Brown ft. Stan Kolev – Thrive (Extended Mix) [Black Hole] ** Featured Artist **

Forum Favorite:
Danny Stubs – The Nephilim [Empress]

Solarstone's Big Tune:
Iko – Heart Of Stone (Solarstone Pure Mix) [Pure Trance] ** World Exclusive **

Uplifting Selection:
Chris Metcalfe – High Altitude (Original Mix) [Subculture]
Mark Eteson – Aventus (Temple One Remix) [Afterglow]
Adam Ellis – Velocity In French (Original Mix) [Monster Tunes]
Touchstone - Virtue (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
Indecent Noise – Warsaw 2.0 (Lostly Remix) [Mental Asylum]

Chillout Moment:
Playme - Euphoric Air (Bart Panco Piano Mix) [Abora]