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Techno, progressive house IDs [2000-2004]


Jun 19, 2012
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Hello, I'm looking for the progressive house / techno tracks below, they're from some early '00s sets by Deep Dish, Timo Maas and David Liam. Does anyone know them? Thanks in advance.

Direct links to mp3 files:
Track A (massive tribal tune with airplanes noise)

Track B (progressive house track, sounds like a Joshua Collins' one but it's not)

Track C (dark tribal, samples an electric noise)

Track D (progressive tribal track, "Time has come / to go out of your mind")

Track E (electro house, "Rock your body / You know you feel this / Right here / You gonna get crazy / I'll get you crazy")

Track F (tribal house, "You can suck, you can dig, you can eat, but you cannot have it / Do you hear me?")

Track G (happy progressive house track, Sasha's style)

Youtube links for tracks A-E:

Track A

Tracks B and C

Track D

Track E