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The Eye Vol.2 Red Eye Sessions (2 Hours Of Tech Sounds To Melt the Mind)


Feb 17, 2011
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[FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica]6 hours on the decs but the mix is in the bag. 26 tracks 2 hours long of nothing but tech sounds. red eye sessions is going to Smash your techy heads, chopped up beats and rythms my own edits and mash ups along with layered sounds and a load of fun and funky samples and audio loops thrown in for good measure. 3 dec mixing with traktor and cdj's.

Please if you like tech sounds listen to this.

The Eye Vol.2 Red Eye Sessions by DjMarkNaylor on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free


1. Koen Groeneveld - CVR (Toolroom Records)
2. Sidney Charles - Open Up Your Mind (Crossworld Records)
3. Johnny Kaos - Karpa - Mauro Pierotti Remix (Similar Records)
4. Chris De Seed and Ivan Dulava - Heartbreaker (Musical Madness)
5. Ales Pich and Shinobi - Barcelona - Matthew Nagle Remix (Full tilt Recordings)
6. Ora - Saint X (In Trance We Trust)
7. Biggs & Wedge - Freaks (SDK Klub)
8. Alexey Kotlyar - Frottola - Giacomo Stallone Remix (PRIVATTI Records)
9. DJ Baly - Colposinquanonia - Rydel Remix (PRIVATTI Records)
10. Omega Drive - Funk Me - (Techno Artillery Records)
11. Omega Drive - Funk It - Naylor Mashup (Techno Artillery Records)
12. Omega Drive - Funk Together - (Techno Artillery Records)
13. LGT - Expander (Lets Go Techno Bootleg Records)
14. ADRENALINE - Underpool (Soul Access Records)
15. DJ Stay - Inverse (Emphatic Records)
16. Alexey kotlyar & Prude Polly - Delizia (StarsTraxx)
17. FuNkYtOnE - Little Latin Party (TPB)
18. Jesus Soblechero - Low Of Brick (Special Series)
19. Aka Carl - Radaxian (Sub Cult)
20. Fer BR - Venga Va - Peppelino Remix (special Series)
21. George Privatti - Carcomo (Work Hard Play Hard)
22. AKA - Gramophonedzie (Prohibited)
23. Analogik Voice - Follow The Dancer (Saphir Records)
24. Dj Baly - Lay Down - Alexey Kotlyar Remix (PRIVATTI Records)
25. Swartz & Schulner - Look Out (Benefactor)
26. Mash - demolition - Birlo & Barbosa remix (Startech Records)