THE WIZARD DK - Label Promo Mix 2 (D.Max Recordings & D.Max Dark)


Jun 9, 2013
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Hello. a special mix made for the Label and my guest of the week. D.Max Recordings / D.Max Dark!
sometimes i speak with titles! this is such mix!

Genre: Trance/Psy/Tech/Melodic/Uplifting
Duration: 6hours 3min (320kps version:6 hours 10min)
Quality: 192kps (Download version in 320kps)
Jingles:this mix have only my private jingle in the start and end!
Airtime:This was never aired on any station!for your pleasure only!
Rights: This was made for D.Max Recordings and is approoved by D.Max recordings for FREE DOWNLOAD for YOUR pleasure)(ALL tracks in this mix is courtesy of D.Max Recordings)©

Charts on mixcloud:
This upload was 13th in the Tech Trance chart, 15th in theTrance & Progressive chart, 15th in the Melodic Trance chart, 26th in the Uplifting Trance chart and 61st in the Trance chart.

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THE WIZARD DK - Label Promo Mix 2 (D.Max Recordings & D.Max Dark)
ALL tracks in this mix is from the Label D.Max Recordings & D.Max Dark!©
ALL RIGHTS Are Courtesy of D.Max Recordings in this mix and this tracklist.©
if you like tracks in this mix.please support the Label and artists by buying the music.

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Theme of this mix :
Imagine a guy gets a call from his girlfriend in another city.she needs him there but does not tell him what its about.
maybe say hurry up then you can be here in few hours before sun is up.He take the car and drives too fast,
to be able to make it before sun is up.feeling like a man of freedom on the fury road.
He is late & on his journey he overthinks the situation and misses a apex in a lost valley.
Crashing through a gate,and fly out of the bursts into flames.he blacks out.
struggles to stay awake on the ground.melting down.
he gets illusions of himself running to her.running the heavenly hundred or twelve miles.
He gets the feeling of running through a strange world.
but its still an illusion as he is lying on the ground next to the car.
he wont give up this fight,of looking for happiness in her eyes.what if she is the light he sees?
she smiles to him in his illusive state.he starts to dream of her sweet but cursed sugar kisses as he lies there on
the ground still.he is focused on getting to see her eyes again as he remember her.this will never fade away from him.
he starts to cry those silver tears that makes him feel better on this endless journey of his.
he imagines himself following the train line rails running towards her.
He´s a broken guy by now on the ground.he then see a guardian angel.
he realises he is in trouble and yell for help. a big S.O.S.
he notice its morning and a beautiful day.he is on the way to the other side by now.
He dies after all.the gates of paradise is near whispers a voice and says theres only one way to heaven.
He generates the last breath before he takes the stairway to heaven.then he knows the whisper was
the voice of truth....

Morals of this story:dont rush in traffic.dont drink and drive.dont do anything else when you go in a car but drive it.
not even checking your facebook status or put on makeup.
it takes half a second to die in traffic.even if youre the best driver in the world it does not mean everyone else is!
(Professional Racers said it like that to me).you never know what everyone else will do,and somebody might drive out
infront of you and you have no chance of controlling the situation.everyday things you think of might be that one
fraction of a second , that ends up being your last.IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE.
Think about it, and please be care full out there.

Tracklist for this mix made for D.Max Recordings !Mixed by THE WIZARD DK:

01 Suraj Tanz-Trance Ride(Original Mix)
02 JTB-Driving The Night(Original Mix)
03 Jedmar-Overtake(Original Mix)
04 JTB-Fury Road(Original Mix)
05 Grizli Man-Man of Freedom(Original Mix)
06 Joseph Fischer & Sylvi-Move On(Original Mix)
07 Kolliders-London(Original Mix)
08 Solewaas-From Here To Keukenhof(Original Mix)
09 Lee Cassells-Dead Of Night(Original Mix)
10 Nicola Maddaloni-I Am(Original Mix)
11 Pavel Tkachev-Too Late(Original Mix)
12 Skydust-Control Distance(Original Mix)
13 Carlos De la Garza-The Last Hope(Carlos Martz Remix)
14 Aquilae-Meltdown(Original Mix)
15 Dave Cold-Apex(Dany Dazano Remix)
16 Abide & U-Mount-The Fire(Ruslan Device Remix)
17 Nick Silvestri-Collateral Damage(Original Mix)
18 Michael Kaelios-Rampage(Original Mix)
19 Parametric Mind-The Gate(Original Mix)
20 Carlos De la Garza-Lost Valley(Redub Mix)
21 MaxRevenge-Enjoy Your Meltdown(Unbeat Remix)
22 Karl K-Otik-Blackout(Original Mix)
23 Robbie Seed & Ai Takekawa-Illusion(Dub Mix)
24 Raddle B-Run All Night(Original Mix)
25 Alexey Karpovich-Moonlight(Original Mix)
26 Roman Prus-Heavenly Hundred(Original Mix)
27 Stella Project-Strange World(Steve Morley Remix)
28 Ruslan Device-Distance(Oldfix Remix)
29 Sky Sound-Illusion(Naeba Remix)
30 Daniel B Feat. Seven Palmberg-Twelve Miles(Abandoned Rainbow Remix)
31 Danny Legatto & Tomio Feat. Angel Falls-Won't Give Up(Greg Wonders Remix)
32 Fisical Project-Looking For Happiness(Vlind Remix)
33 Romix-In Your Eyes(Original Mix)
34 Abide-What If(Original Mix)
35 7 Baltic-You are the Light(Original Mix)
36 Andrey Dobarin-SHE(Original Mix)
37 Andy Elliass-Keep the Smile(Karzen Remix)
38 Aquilae-Cursed(Original Mix)
39 Amitacek-Sugar Kisses(Transient Remix)
40 DJ Nell & DJ Beda vs. DJ Kam Feat. Anthya-Hold me Up(Original Mix)
41 Morci Ft. Juan Angeles-Eyes on You(Original Mix)
42 Van B.I.O.'S-Never Fade Away (Original Mix)
43 DEI-Silver Tears(Original Mix)
44 DJ T.H. Ft Alisha Nauth-Make You Better(Mostfa & Mostfa Remix)
45 DJ Xquizit ft Ice & Breeze & RaySim-Endless Journey(Original Mix)
46 Another World & Markus Wilkinson Ft. Mhyst-On Polished Rails(Original Mix)
47 Eric Leon-Broken Guy
48 Michael Milov-Meeting Your Guardian Angel(Original Mix)
49 Michael Flint-S.O.S.(Original Mix)
50 Stella Project-Perfect Day(John Sunlight Remix)
51 Sepehr Nazari-Hereafter(Original Mix)
52 Allen Belg-The Other Side(Original Mix)
53 Sergey Shvets & Alta May-I Die(Original Mix)
54 Unbeat-After All(Original Mix)
55 MarcPrest-Gate to Paradise(Original Mix)
56 Prisma Storm-Whispers(Original Mix)
57 Joseph Fischer Vs. Gosselt & Glez-One Way To Heaven(Original Mix)
58 Kevin Crowley-Generate(Original Mix)
59 Sky Sound-Stairway To Heaven 2015(Max Ivanovsky Remix)
60 Tribal Point-Voice of Truth(Tristan Armes Remix)

Thank you Bryan Summerville & D.Max Recordings, D.Max Dark,D.Max Deep for all the great work you do.
A BIG Thank you to all these great artists who made the tracks.
And Thank you for having me around !

Read the story.its sad,yes i know.the feelings coming with it,is what you hear in the music!

thank you for this big mix