Trance Classics Vol.3 [Mondo Records] OUT NOW!


Feb 14, 2011
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A firm favourite with the fans and one for the trance purists, our popular 'Trance Classics' series returns with another batch of 10 ground breaking and club smashing iconic anthems.

Notching up volume three, it plays host to such names as Hemstock & Jennings, Darren Tate, DT8 Project, Corderoy and many more. As always, we have meticulously picked 10 more tracks that have stood out, shaped the genre or generally been a huge success story for not just us, but the trance scene as a whole.

Watch out for seminal classics such as 'Reverence', 'Deliverance' and 'Kyrie' in this eagerly awaited third instalment.

1. JFK vs. Revolition 9 - Metropolis
2. Brisky vs. Coleman - Prototype 1
3. Hemstock & Jennings vs. Adam White - Reverence
4. Cheap Emotions - Battle Trance Galaxia
5. G.D. - Pukaar
6. Darren Tate - Deliverance
7. Soliquid - Leave Me Alone (NumberNin6 & Luke Terry's Greenlighty Club Mix)
8. DT8 Project - Falling (Sunny Lax Remix)
9. Corderoy - Kyrie (Avenger Remix)
10. Crimson - Sky

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