Trance Department Sets for Check In

Matti Vega

Oct 6, 2006
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Hi everybody :P
i am listening to since the beginning :) I would like to get a spot on the radio. First now i decided to send you few of my sets, cause i was not sure if my set are realy good. But now can i proudly share the fruits of my "work" with you :choon: . i hope i hit with this set your taste:thrasher: .
so, to my particulars : My Name ist Martin - my artist name Matti Vega. I am from Slowakia, currently living in Germany. I have been mixing for 5 years now. Also I produce music for few years . I prefer trance (uplifting, progressive, epic, vocal...) or pogressive (trance, house . . .) in my set
The following 2 sets are Nr. 5 and 6 from my Trance Department series compilated and mixed from the best trance tunes in the last time . For more info, look at
I hope you enjoy it. I am looking forward to your rewievs:1:

Link to first set (progressive):

1. Jose Amnesia Vs. Shawn Mitiska - My All (Markus Schulz Mix)
2. Dousk - Chrysalis (Revisited)
3. Solarstone feat. Jes - Like A Waterfall (Solarstone Club Mix)
4. Anna Nalick - Breathe (Blake Jarrell Remix)
5. Filo & Peri feat Fisher - Ordinary Moment (Midnight Mix)
6. Tom Cloud - Told You So (Original Mix)
7. Smith & Pledger pres. Aspekt - Hi Jack (Instrumental Mix)
8. Tiesto Pres. Allure - The Loves We Lost (Tilt Remix)
9. Arabella - Nabucco (Storyteller Remix)
10.Deep Skies - Little Bird (Mike Koglin Remix)
11.Icone pres. Blue Manta - I Feel Lost (Shawn Mitiska & Kevin Alves Remix)
12.Thomas Penton - Deeper Vowels (Andre Absolut Remix)

Link to second set (upflifting trance):

1. Ferry Corsten - Beautiful (Original Mix)
2. Signalrunners - Corrupted (Original Mix)
3. Smith & Pledger - White (Original Mix)
4. Jonas Steur - Second Turn (Original Mix)
5. Chakra - Love Shines Through (Ferry Corsten Innercity Mix)
6. Sami Saari - Cherish (Outback Remix)
7. Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (Signum Remix)
8. Ekon - Existence (Original Mix)
9. Orjan - Arctic Globe (Orginal Mix)
10.Mike Shiver & Marc Damon - Water Ripples (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Mix)
11.Elevation - Ocean Rain (Robert Nickson Remix)
12.John O'Callaghan & Kearney - Exactly (Original Mix)