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TrancePodium 11th Anniversary Celebration

Remco TrancePodium

Nov 17, 2010
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Last Wednesday the 13th of September was TrancePodium's 11th anniversary.
Why hasn't there been any announcement of the celebration yet?

Unfortunately we have to disappoint all loyal listeners of our annual Anniversary Celebration, but this year there won't be a TrancePodium 11th Anniversary Celebration. No massive 24-hour broadcast at our friends of Afterhours.FM.

Organizing the TrancePodium Anniversary Celebrations always cost a lot of time and the organization strongly regrets it, but unfortunately had to ascertain that there wasn't enough spare time to bring this day to a success again this year.

Our sincere apologies and hopefully the TrancePodium 12th Anniversary Celebration will take place next year. We'll do our very best to make that happen.