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:: Kai Tracid - Suicide ::

Have you ever thought about committing suicide?
Leaving the world behind?

The sorrow, the pain and the fear
of the unknown future

Delivering from any human needs and pressure
in just one second

Your cry for help is lost in this lonely world
in which you are completely alone

Nobody helps you when you're feeling down
and the loneliness is breaking your heart

It would be so simple to go down
the stairs of the final way

But the fear of the unknown world beyond,
of having nothing, of being nothing

Keeps you on your designated way
and takes away your longing for self-destruction

That is why
you will never commit suicide


Published by
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

andyblueman May 8, 2009
Kai Tracid is maybe not the greatest, but for me the most unique and most important trance artist ever. Nearly all of his songs are stunning, but it's the wonderful lyrics that really makes the music special.
Listen and take a look at the lyrics in songs like for example "Suicide", "Conscious", "Express Your Hidden Passion" and "Too Many Times", and you'll see what I mean! Kai Tracid's music and lyrics usually includes themes like drugs, hallucinogens, consciousness, dreams, loneliness, depression, happiness, the meaning of life and people's wish to find themselves. I know his music is not for everyone, but I'm really happy I'm one of those who can really understand the magic in the music. Because there is something special about Tracid's music, something I really can't explain in words...

Thank you Kai Tracid. I hope you know what your music means to a lot of people!
"I should have lived my life much more conscious."
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