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Ukrainian mix 003, need some help


Apr 30, 2008
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hey is there someone who have the song list or something, many songs i heard here i found a few and others i just dont even know what to write and was too awesome

we'll post the TLs a bit later.
but were it'l be posted, is there a place were its usualy done?

sorry im new here
u can download my set without any probs mate, i think i will post t it on myspace coz received much appreciated comments and pepz wanna hear this crazy stuff again))lol

so check MySpace.com - NatLife - Kharkov city - Trance / Progressive / Electro - www.myspace.com/natlife ..i posting it in the blog called UIDM

hey thanks a lot man, but theres still a music i dont find there that i heard here, i remember it was in ukraine in the mix 003 but there was a danny ocean wroten on the left

but hey keep the good work man, awesome mix!!