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Vadim Soloviev - Discovery [Arisa Audio]


Sep 12, 2008
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The Russian producers are on fire at the moment. Vadim's brother in name Ilya "Soloviev" has had some big tunes in 2009 (Leaving Planet, Universal Universe), Anton Firtich just released a new single and Poshout is also making a name for himself at the moment. Vadim has been active in the scene for some years now but there has been some space between each release of his. Nonetheless he has been signed to some well-known labels such as AVA and Motion. He also just released a new single on the Dutch Intuition "Deep" offshoot. In mid-December he is ready with another single called "Discovery" on the Arisa Audio label. Apart from the original there is an alternative mix and a remix from Jonas Stenberg.

Original Mix
Nice and soft but with a hard kick drum and some neat percussion. The melody lifts the track with that light and floaty presence. The bass comes into play as well as a proggy acid synth which is later followed by another synth which adds to the construction of the tune. The climax of the tune is centered around delicous vocal hits, a very light and uplifting lead and some subtle piano notes.

Alternative Mix
The Alternative mix is not miles from the original. The main different lies in the techy bass, but apart from that there isn't any notable differences.

Jonas Stenberg Remix
Jonas is a young Swedish producer who stylewize has a sound not too far from the likes of Marco V, Jochen Miller and Marcel Woods. Even though he has not had a major breakthrough yet, he has already remixed for some big names, and yes, that would the three I just mentioned. As expected he knocks up the tempo and adds some more excitement and tension to the track. The big stabby tech lead in the middle goes full throttle and there you have it - a big room banger!

While the Alternative Mix is nice as well as the original, the two versions are not that different. 1 version would have been sufficient in my opinion. Both of these versions are delicious progressive trancers but might stand a risk of being dubbed as fillers. It doesn't stand that much out from the endless amounts of tunes getting released these days. The Jonas Stenberg remix is by far the best one in this package. Big fat sound and an overall tight mix.


Original Mix: YouTube - Vadim Soloviev - Discovery (Original Mix)
Alternative Mix: YouTube - Vadim Soloviev - Discovery (Alternative Mix)
Jonas Stenberg Remix: YouTube - Vadim Soloviev - Discovery (Jonas Stenberg Remix)

Beatport: 30/11/2009