Victoria Da Silva - Weekly Essentials Podcast 223 on AH.FM 23-04-2018

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Jul 27, 2007
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Victoria Da Silva


01. Tonal Axis - Rainfall (Monoverse Remix)
02. The Stupid Experts - Night & Day

Essential Progressive Track
03. Airwave - Rain Upon My Skin (Rise and Fall Remix)

04. Genix - For Those We Lost (Extended Mix)

Essential Classic
05. Tim Berg - Bromance (Original Mix)

06. Ahmed Romel - Halebidu (Extended Mix)
07. Nitrous Oxide & Sodality - Gravity (Extended Mix)
08. Alex Sonata - Meraki (Extended Mix)
09. Frainbreeze & Ellie Lawson - I Pray (Ahmed Helmy Extended Mix)
10. Vadim Zhukov - Travelling (Mike Saint-Jules Interstellar Mix)
11. Davey Asprey - Kaiju (Extended Mix)
12. Retarder - Beyond Time (Club Mix)
13. Casey Rasch - What's Next (Unbeat Remix)
14. Paul van Dyk & James Cottle - VORTEX (Jardin Remix)
15. Daniel Kandi a Witness45 - Hong Kong (Extended Mix)
16. Madwave - On The Run (Original Mix)

Track Of The Week
17. Mark Sherry & Marcella Woods - Can't Live Without Your Love (Extended Outburst Vocal Mix)

18. Daniel van Sand feat. Nina Sung - Slipping Within (Turn Dub)
19. The Enturance & Exouler - Ceres (Extended Mix)
20. Craig Connelly - Trouble In Paradise (Original Mix)

Essential Uplifting Track
21. Alex Kunnari - Formentera (Original Mix)

22. Temple One feat. Deirdre McLaughlin - Reaching for a Dream
23. Neev Kennedy - Sail The Stormy Waters (Extended Mix)
24. Alternate High - Path of Life (Braulio Stefield Remix)

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Victoria uping the tempo earlier then usual and I :love: it!!!
This set is full of :choon:s

Shazam is working OT tonight :lol:
I’ll get it typed up properly and post it tomorrow. Thanks for listening x