Want to be a Rock Star????


Jul 16, 2006
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Is anyone out here interested in doing a Music Video? We our accepting links to videos that the public has created using Technetium tracks. If you have created a video or if you would like to, upload the video to youtube.com and email us the link. Technetium is giving the spotlight to our fan videos. Time to show the world that you are a rock star!
Email us for the MP3 that you wish to use in your video from www.technetiummusic.com

Hey Sweetie.. Doing good.. what about you?
I know.. it has been a wild couple of months. Time went so fast that I blinked and it was gone.
Email me when you get a chance. I miss talking to you.. Your mind is so educated... you always give me a lot to think about!
BTW great job on this site. It is growing bigger and bigger I see.
The hard work is definitely noticed!

Alright.. I am outta here... Have a wonderful day. I will email you soon!