What are your favorite podcasts? (Besides ASOT and Club Life)


Dec 30, 2007
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Hello everyone,

I'd like to get some of your recommendations on some good podcasts to listen to. I"ll get things started:

Jordan Waeles: This guy makes some great trance sets! Here's a link:

Trance Mutation Podcast • Jordan Waeles, DJ, Producer & Remixer

Note: Jordan's podcast requires a valid e-mail address.

What are your favorite podcasts? Feel free to share! Thanks :)
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Hi Dan!

Yes, podcasts are similar to a set download. They are nice because when you are "subscribed" to a podcast, every time your DJ puts out a new set, it will automatically be downloaded and copied to your i-Pod.

I have a few that a really like, but I wouldn't mind discovering some more good ones!
Gareth Emery's :love:
Big fan of the Intuition podcast. That's one of the few trance ones I get. Otherwise I get DnB or breaks ones
I love the Galen Behr - Rain of Tears podcast