Who's a club dj?


Jun 27, 2006
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i need info

like...i wanna start, but i dont have Turntables...do some clubs provide them?

what can u tell me?

any tips?

where to start?

who to know? I already know some club promotors and owners..

help a fellow dj out!

im sure someone will give ya hints etc :)

many djs here ...
come on guys comment
I would suggest to buy your own turntables first, cause I don't see how you can do any good in a club if you have no experience with them.

Pretty much every decent club has it's own turntables though so don't worry about having to bring your own.

You should give us some more info on your experience. Right now we only know you don't have turntables. Have you played on the gear of someone else or have you never played before? Do you have a vinyl collection or are you using CD's? etc. etc. etc.
XDR is right. Most clubs these days have their own turntables and equipment. But you should get your own too. Dj'ing is like anything, practice makes perfect. When I was in the clubs, I would be at home on my days off practicing sets for the next week. 2 to 3 hours a day usually, if not more. Most of the clubs these days have Dennon CD Decks, and Technique Turntables. I would start by learning on turntables though, a lot more fun, but also a lot more expensive. Diamond tip needles are close to $100 CDN (which you will break often if you are just learning), and Vinyl isn’t cheap either. It’s also a real ***** to maintain, and degrades over time, but still the best way to learn!

i hope you do not expect to just hop on some TTs and start beatmatching
it took me a couple of days at first just to get 32 beats good enough to record
i DO have expierience...ive played on my friend's gear..he has both CDJ's and TTs and im pretty decent with both of them...i am a dj..dan knows, he's played i think 2-3 mixed of mine on AH Radio...right now...all i got is a computer..