Win a trip to Cream Ibiza (18.09.08) with the Anjunabeats game!


May 25, 2007
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Hey guys,

Have a crack at this new game from Oceanlab and Above and Beyond.

The aim is to correctly identify all the places they've DJ'ed in so far in their careers! The winner will win a trip to see Above & Beyond play at Cream in Ibiza.

Click on the image below to play!

nice! i there dude! :super:

I can get to 103k easy... I am hovering around 103500 - 103900... It's so hard to get to 104k.. :p

I was supposed to read over my dissertation today... I spent my time on this.. :)
hmm u have to reach something about 30 kilometres accuracy to get in the highscore .... and then u got a 1/10 chacne to win ... i think that sounds better as it really is :)
and it is not easy :(
Closes i got to the 102 thousand mark was 94 not easy like lol