WIN! New Delirium CD mixed by Dave Pearce


May 25, 2007
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Dave Pearce is launching the new ‘Delirium’ series, and here’s your chance to WIN a copy! This double CD is Dave Pearce showing that he’s got so much more in his bag than the ‘Dance Anthems’ we all know: featuring tracks from the likes of Bedrock, Adam Sheridan, Filo & Peri and Sean Tyas, ‘Delirium’ focuses solely on the Trance Underground and the upfront tracks and producers that are making it on those dancefloors.

So put your preconceptions to one side and check out the underground side of Dave Pearce: click the link below for your chance to win a copy!

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guess the webmaster needs to fix that.. :(
I do not get that error like yours DistantLand but anyway could not understand if data I entered have been sent correctly. Got back the start page too fast.

very cool stuff though : )
Hi guys, I've just tried entering my details & it seemed to work OK. Maybe make sure you enter your birthdate in the correct format, eg if your birthdate is 24th November 1980, type in 24/11/1980.

Good luck!
Is it ok to enter the competition if I'm on the CD ? :smile:

Ok, not to troll or anything, but how do you consider Bedrock, Adam Sheridan, Filo & Peri, Sean Tyas and the like to be "Underground"? What is mainstream trance then? Scooter? DJ bam bam? Milk Inc.? :lmao:

Also i dont really uderstand how we are supposed to win this contest, you need an aweful lot of information - sure we get this CD with "uber-underground" artists and songs that everybody in the scene has heard a million times but i have a suspicion that people who sign up will be spammed with viagra and mortgage ads for a year.

overall ok tracklisting on the release, but "underground"?

come on now :lolz:
I am willing to bet that this is a huge scam... why the hell would they want all your info just for a free CD... that seems way to suspicious to me... but thats my opinion
For what it's worth, and I know that coming from an online source it may be hard to swallow, I'd like to assure you this is a genuine competition. I have a whole stack of CDs sitting right here to send out. Obviously we need your address in order to send you a copy if you win. Other info such as age is used to find out a little more about the type of people interested and not all fields are obligatory.

Again, for what it's worth, I can assure you that your details won't be passed onto porn/viagra spammers!

With regards the other issues raised, yes you can enter if you're an artist featured on the CD (well done BTW!), and I guess the word 'underground' is always going to be subjective, in relation to what Dave is best known for (at least here in the UK where he plays the Dance Anthems radio show featuring the likes of Faithless etc) this is definitely underground, however I know some trance heads out there who don't consider some of the tracks here to be underground! It's all good in my eyes, it's definitely interesting to see different opinions anyway!
Dave Pearce Presents...

Dave Pearce presents…


8th June 07 @ Ministry Of Sound

Following Delirium’s roadblock launch party earlier this year, Dave ‘The Rave’ Pearce (the UK’s most in demand Trance DJ) returns to Ministry Of Sound on Friday 8th June to celebrate the launch of the new ‘Delirium’ album series (mixed by the man himself, out 4th June).

Unlike his usual more commercially orientated ‘Dance Anthem’ albums, Delirium focuses solely on the trance underground, showcasing the finest Trance talent from across the globe, and features upfront tracks from producers who are making their mark on the scene.

Get ready for ‘hands in the air main room madness’ as Thrillseekers and Scott Bond join Dave on the Capital’s best soundsystem for a session of top notch euphoric trance with state of the art colour lasers visuals, making this a rave not to forget!

Knowwhere – ‘London’s friendliest party’ host the Bar with Anthony Dean, Pablo, Funk-A-Tronic & Andy McCall playing a unique blend of massive dance-till-you-drop Trance, Hard Dance & Funky House.
DIRTYdubbin bring their party to ours taking over the Baybox with underground DJ’s Sleazy G, Bonez & DHE, Mike L Gooch, Camouflage (plus more guests). Over the past 2 years the ‘DIRTY’ concept has truly become something of a new religion, with followers coming from across the country to witness House music in its most spiritual form; DIRTYbeats with rhythmic drums and Filthy Grooving Electro technology. They’ve given DIRTY a new meaning, and have put the words on everyones lips!
Delirium aims to bring the fun back into clubbing.


Friday 8th June 2007
Ministry Of Sound, 103 Gaunt Street, London, SE1 6DP
10.30PM - 5AM
£12 Door


Dave Pearce
Scott Bond

Bar: hosted by ‘Knowwhere’

Anthony Dean
Andy McCall

Baby Box: hosted by ‘DIRTYdubbin’

Sleazy G
Bonez & DHE
Mike L & Gooch
Wayne b2b Soulnuts